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Bumble Bee Jewelry Box

Bumble Bee Jewelry Box


Each one handmade, our bumble bee boxes feature 4 separate compartments , and are crafted using the natural colors of woods from around the world.  Never stained or dyed in any way, these keepsake boxes are crafted to last.  Each main box is cut from one single solid slab of wood, as is each box bottom.  The colorful lids feature the bold colors of maple, walnut and yellowheart.  This box is crafted from one solid piece of basswood, with a red oak bottom.

  • Return Policy

    We stand proudly behind our work!  If you experience a problem with your purchase due to a defect in workmanship within one year of purchase, we will refund the full purchase price or send you a replacement upon our receipt of the defective item, your choice!

  • Shipping Policy

    We charge actual shipping to your location, plus 3 dollars for shipping materials.  We want to make absolutely certain that your purchase gets to you free of damage!

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