12"Walnut & Maple Pie Wedge Bowl

12"Walnut & Maple Pie Wedge Bowl

SKU: S12BWL010

A stunning 12 inch diameter spiral bowl, perfect for fruits, rolls, and breads.  Several of our knitting and crocheting clients also love these as yarn baskets.  If you're looking for a bowl that's just a bit different, yet still crafted from the finest traditional hardwoods, this could be your piece!  Made with "pie wedges" of walnut and maple, this bowl lends a different look than most of our bowls, and yet still features the same beautiful bowl design.

  • Return Policy

    We stand proudly behind our work!  If you experience a problem with your purchase due to a defect in workmanship within one year of purchase, we will refund the full purchase price or send you a replacement upon our receipt of the defective item, your choice!

  • Dimensions

    12" diameter at the rim

    7-3/4" diameter at the base

    5-7/8" tall

  • Shipping Policy

    We charge actual shipping to your location, plus 3 dollars for shipping materials.  We want to make absolutely certain that your purchase gets to you free of damage!


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